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Intermediate Life Support Medical Vehicle

This flag ship vehicle was launched in October 2018. A Land Rover Discovery Sport was converted into a fully functional Intermediate Life Support vehicle. In the event of an emergency the ILS vehicle will come out to assess the situation and further medical assistance will be dispatched via the paramedic on scene. We have an agreement in place with ER24 to transport patients if hospitalization is required. All of our paramedics are HSPCA assessed and approved.

High Speed Anti Hijack Unit

Sec Pros Anti Hijack and Vehicle Asset recovery team have had some very good successes in recent months. Reports vehicle hijackings have come in where vehicles have not had tracking devices in, through the vast amount of experience and knowledge of the industry the team have recovered vehicles by some very old tracking techniques. We have our own tracking devices that can be used in a variety of applications. Truck, car, trailer, motorbike and anything that is movable. We pride ourselves assisting everybody in the event of a hijacking.

Private Investigations & Missing Persons Unit

Sec Pros have a crack investigative team ranging from Ex Policemen, private investigators and professional trackers. The team has dedicated its time at no cost to client to find missing persons. Through a wealth of industry knowledge and expert training they have tracked many a missing person. Making use of the latest technologies and tracking facilities the turn around time of these cases are brilliant.

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