Sec Pros Rapid Response Team

In this day and age armed response is a dangerous business, we have noted the rise in shootings of response officers in their vehicles. We do things a little bit differently to other company’s, the Sec Pros “Taak Mag/Task Team” responds to most high level incidents in full force, Reaction, Medical and Fire will attend to ensure that if there are any emergencies that occur, it will be dealt with on scene instead whilst waiting for local authorities. (This includes Medical, Fire, Response and Anti Hijacking)

The response team are strategically placed through out areas that are covered by Sec Pros. This enables a fast effective response to all types of alarms. Do remember that in peak traffic times that there can be delays in response times due to heavy traffic. Although our reaction times are fast, we are still subject to the road traffic laws.

Panic Alerts / Testing Panics
Please keep in mind that the reaction officers are putting their life on the line to protect yours and your families lives. If you feel the need to test a panic rather call into the control room and ask them to test the panic. When a panic is sent through, all available units respond to a panic to ensure sufficient back up is given to the responding officer. By testing a panic one is taking vital resources away from other clients and the community to test a panic.

Remember in the event of an alarm a reaction officer is dispatched, after the reaction officer has been dispatched you will be contacted to confirm if this is a valid alarm.
View suspects being chased and arrested here.

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