Intermediate Life Support Medical Vehicle

This flag ship vehicle was launched in October 2018. A Land Rover Discovery Sport was converted into a fully functional Intermediate Life Support vehicle. In the event of an emergency the ILS vehicle will come out to assess the situation and further medical assistance will be dispatched via the paramedic on scene. We have an agreement in place with ER24 to transport patients if hospitalization is required. All of our paramedics are HSPCA assessed and approved.
Sec Pros Medical Vehicle is in full communication with various medical services including various air ambulance services. Services will be dispatched on the severity of the incident.
Some statics from our medical vehicle since inception.
As an example to put a monetary value to how much we have saved community members since the launch of the Sec Pros medical vehicle since October 2018.
October 2018 – 81 calls patients 56
Nov 2018 – 77 calls patients 56
Dec 2018 – 82 calls patients 79
Jan 2019 – 89 calls patients 81
Feb 2019 – 98 Calls patients 90
Totalling 427 calls since then. We averaged the call out costs, R1500 per call, across these calls and have saved the community an estimated R640 500.00 in medical costs.

An few videos of incidents are available by following this link

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